The virtual conference & cooperation exchange „PowerGreen“ in Northern Macedonia supported by NRW. ( ) The target group is stakeholders from business and science who are planning innovative, sustainable and smart technologies or development projects that help improve the quality of urban ecosystems. The Ministry of Science in NRW has signed a cooperation agreement with North Macedonia and we support the ministry in the implementation. The agreement was concluded for 5 years, so there will definitely be some activities in the next few years. Currently the focus is on

– Waste management

– Water management

– Energy & energy efficiency

– Renewable energy

– Digital technologies

– Smart materials, conductive material

– Sustainability, circular economy

– Recycling and recovery of materials

– Etc, For companies from NRW, this creates the opportunity to expand their business capabilities abroad. The event offers an online matchmaking opportunity for the second day. B2Match ( Of course, companies from NRW are also welcome on site in Skopje.